Community Manager Interview Questions

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“What would you say to a restaurant that wanted you (as a community manager) to review them?”

“how did you hear about Communispace?”

“Are you comfortable working 6 days a week?”

“In the personal interviews, one of the questions I was asked was what would I do if I come in one day and there is a report due, an immediate client call and another management disaster. What would I…”

“How many rebuttals do you give during each presentation.”

“What previous sales experience do you have, where and how long you worked for the previous company.”

“What is your closing ratio?”

“Can you travel 1200 miles in your vehicle for training, drive back in 2 months, and then drive and move your stuff to your new property, even though we have 4 properties within 100 miles of here?”

“owner stated that he 'usually only hires women' because he 'prefers a woman's attention to detail' and I was replacing a woman on the job, and in turn was replaced by her sister as if it was planned…”

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