Compliance Officer Interview Questions

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“Tell us about the OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities for 2013.”

“How would you deal with a compliance concern if the banker disagreed?”

“Describe yourself in 10 words or less”

“We obviously don't yet know you, tell us about yourself, where you went to school and why you're here.”

“Tell me about your most difficult boss and why he/she was difficult.”

“Explain one weakness and what you have done or are doing to overcome it.”

“None really, they even asked me a few math questions which I did in my head. I think the person who was there to watch me during the interview was impress. For the 2nd math question, I did use the…”

“How would you go about collecting past due accounts?”

“Questions were not difficult they were just to gauge my background and level of experience”

“Explain how your background/previous work experiences have prepared you for being a tax compliance officer.”

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