Computer Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?”

“Do you know what you _should_ have done for your design project?”

“No technical question but a hypothetical question will be asked of what would you do if a intern friend working at Con Edison took home a work computer for personal uses. If you immediately think of…”

“Why is C++ better for a programmer than Java. Explain one scenario where you will prefer C++ over java”

“Why are you interested in Nucor?”

“Java question: If there is a try catch finally. Is finally called everytime ? If not, then under what cases will it not be called?”

“Some basic leadership question that I can't really remember, but it stumped me. Really weird question.”

“Walk me through your routine day at your current job.”

“write the c function for the atoi function.”

“explain an experience when you had to report an issue of an unethical situation”

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