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“If you have 2 coins in your pocket (one is double-headed, and the other is a fair coin), you grab a random coin from your pocket and see that one face is a head. What is the probability that if you…”

“Given an array with length n-1 which contains integers of the range 1 to n. Each element is distinct and appears only once. One integer is missing. Find the missing integer in linear time using O…”

“Questions related to data structures like "What data structure would you use for a browser's BACK & FORWARD ability"”

“Pancakes, size varies, and are put in a stack with random order. You have one operation called Flip(int[] pancakes, int k) to flip all pancakes from the top one to kth pancake, write a sort(int…”

“How could you represent days and month using 2 6 sided dice”

“For a 1GHz bandwidth oscilloscope, what will happen if you use it to monitor a 1GHZ square wave. If the Vpp of the square wave is 1V, what's the Vpp of the waveform shown on screen.”

“Say you have an unordered list of numbers ranging from 1 to n, and one of the numbers is removed, how do you find that number? What if two numbers are removed?”

“None. ALL the questions asked were from earlier posts.”

“What was the hardest thing you ever had to do in your prior work experience?”

“Implement a stack using two queues.”

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