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“Java Code to implement 5 places (code)”

“Given a set of people, one of them is a celebrity. You have a 2D array which describes which people know each other, that is [N, M] is true if N knows M. The celebrity will not know anyone (except…”

““Given the numbers 1 to 1000, what is the minimum numbers guesses needed to find a specific number if you are given the hint "higher" or "lower" for each guess you make.””

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“Create a 8 input AND gate using 3 4:1 muxes”

“very straight forward questions already present on glassdoor”

“decide whether the enter should be accepted or not for a passcode, one number missing is permitted, can be missed several times, 18687 is the passcode, then 167 is accepted, the rest should be right…”

“Onsite interview 1: A paper test, questions including Java syntax, SQL, JavaScript, code review. Java syntax question is: given a method: int exchange(int a), we need: if a == 1 return 2, if a…”

“I have a log that consists of more than 100 million lines. Each line is just a data about user login, login time, etc. I want to sort them based on user login, and then if there is a tie based on…”

“You have 8 balls. All are identical except one is slightly heavier. You have a balance. What is the minimum number of weighings required to find the heavier ball?”

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“Make a program that writes a Binary Search Tree to a file. Now create a program that reads those files and recreates a Binary Search Tree.”

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