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“Write a program to reverse the numbers (e.g 12345 to 54321), without using vectors.”

“Write an algorithm to verify if a tree is a binary search tree.”

“Most of the technical questions focused on power supply design. For this position this is a one of the more difficult tasks so they want to know how switching regulators work and different trade...”

“design a combinational circuit which counts the number of 1s in a 7-bit input .”

“identify the number of 1s in an integer is odd or even”

“How could you represent days and month using 2 6 sided dice”

“Given 10 cups to locate the bottle poisoned wine from a batch of normal ones, you can make any mixture of them and test your mixtures by mouses. However the density of poison in the mixture, the...”

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“design a full adder with 2-1 mux”

“cons and pros about the FF you have drawn. Comparing with other schematic.”

“Sort a list of numbers in which each number is at a distance k from its actual position”

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