Computer Programmer Interview Questions

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“What would you do if you were having a conflict with another employee?”

“Why do you want to come work here.”

“what is the max number of 2.5' drives that can be configured into the PER710?”

“which memory banks need to be populated with the identical DIMMS in order to support memory mirrowing in the Power Edge 2800?”

“Write a C function to encode a string using RLE encoding”

“What is polymorphism, what is inheritance?”

“They still throw out chestnuts like: what is your biggest weakness, so to prepare you might want to do a quick search for outdated generic questions and think about them a few minutes.”

“Can you name 3 people in your life you consider heroes and why?”

“Simple question on basics of skills posted on resume. Know what you put on it!!!”

“What is your favorite E-commerce solution?”

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