Computer Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“How organized are you?”

“Do you know what a processor is?”

“What would you bring to table?”

“If a customer came to you asking help choosing a computer, what would you reccomend him to get?”

“Fairly basic questions. Even though I felt that the question was simple, I know some people struggle when asked "What would you do if you saw a friend stealing?"”

“I was mostly asked questions about how I handled certain situations in previous jobs; When I had to overcome an obstacle with a team, when I had to sell something to a customer, etc. No questions…”

“Everything was too easy, too good to be true..”

“None. Any question they ask you should be able to answer to their satisfaction. This is not rocket science. It's retail where the customers know at least as much as the associates.”

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“Look at my review I have all the Qs there.”

“If you were helping a customer for 40mins and he still doesnt know if he should buy that item, what would you say to him to finish the sale?”

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