Computer Vision Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?”

“write the c function for the atoi function.”

“Given a 2D grid consisting of links and vacancies represented by a 2D array and assume you can move from either down (j,k)->(j+1,k) or to the right (j,k)->(j,k+1) unless there is a vacancy”

“Most of them were work related questions. Tough was on how to best perform road marker detection”

“What is a difference between SIFT and SURF?”

“What is the feature extraction technic?”

“write code to solve some problems”

“What is the difference between debug and release mode? Have you used revision/version control? How can you find 2nd highest number in an array in least time? How to eliminate corners in a bunch of...”

“Why does one use MSE as a measure of quality. What is the scientific/mathematical reason for the same?”

“What is meant by virtual memory? Time complexity of insertion in Linked List vs. Array? Smoothing an image - what filter to use? Salt and pepper noise removal? Memory storage - heap vs stack?”

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