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“Only look up information on Google and have to get 15 correct. Example: " What does a yellow rose mean? " Also do a mock phone call with recruiter. You use internet to look up info. One looks up two...”

“There was a skills test. It required thinking on your feet and being able to use a computer well. We were asked to recommend a local restaurant for a traveler arriving to the area. This was to be...”

“Why I think I would be good at this job?”

“Why did I want to work for Emeritus?”

“Tell me about yourself What would you do if your phone was ringing and a resident was trying to walk out the front door?”

“Why Should I hire you?”

Concierge at Archstone

May 18, 2010

“Are there any programs in a company that you worked for that taught you how to deal with problematic situations?”

“I asked for a closer number of what I had been making at my last position and was told that there was no way they could pay me that. Could I work for less?”

“There wasnt anything difficult about the questions they all were standard interview questions”

Concierge at Apple

May 6, 2014

“Being paired with another interviewer to create a unique skit that represented the company from our perspective that illustrated a new product,”

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