Configuration Analyst Interview Questions

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“Describe a situation where you had to convince someone during work.”

“what do you do with a bad report, where do you get research from”

“Give an example of a time you had to tell a supervisor they were wrong.”

“I was expecting the usual series of canned interview questions, but got none of that. The question "What do you do for fun?" is probably what threw me off the most.”

“Not a lot of questions were asked. It was more about them explaining the contract and what was expected and if I thought I could handle the atmosphere.”

“Majority of them were based around "Tell me about a time when..." and you would describe the situation and resolution.”

“you live a little far from chicago, will you be able to make it to work by 9am....”

“Presented with simple riddles/brain teasers to attempt to work out logic on the spot.”

“What is your strongest asset bringing to the company. (i.e. why should we hire you?)”

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