Conflict resolution Interview Questions

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“Have you ever faced conflict in the work place and how do you handle it? What do you do if you have an irate customer?”

“Tell us about a time you saw someone handle a difficult situation, how did they resolve it?”

“How to resolve arguments in the meeting when everyone disagrees with each other?”

“How do you deal with confrontation?”

“Questions focus on teamwork, innovation and strategic thinking. Extra points for execution skills.”

“The question that stands out the most was the last one. we were asked to explain what we would do in a situation where conflict between employees became heightened.”

Bather at PetSmart

Sep 12, 2012

“How have you handled conflict with an employer in the past?”

“How would you handle conflict with a member of the opposite sex”

“If you suspected an employee was entering false information into the sales software, how would you resolve the situation?”

“There were agency-specific questions about federal & state rules/regulations, how past experience qualifies you for the current job application (i.e. communication, organization, program knowledge...”

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