Conflict resolution Interview Questions

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“Have you ever faced conflict in the work place and how do you handle it? What do you do if you have an irate customer?”

“Tell us about a time you saw someone handle a difficult situation, how did they resolve it?”

“How to resolve arguments in the meeting when everyone disagrees with each other?”

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“How do you deal with confrontation?”

“The question that stands out the most was the last one. we were asked to explain what we would do in a situation where conflict between employees became heightened.”

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Sep 12, 2012

“How have you handled conflict with an employer in the past?”

“How would you handle conflict with a member of the opposite sex”

“If you suspected an employee was entering false information into the sales software, how would you resolve the situation?”

“There were agency-specific questions about federal & state rules/regulations, how past experience qualifies you for the current job application (i.e. communication, organization, program knowledge…”

“Explain a time when there were internal issues among your team; what were the issues; how did you manage; what was the outcome.”

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