Connectivity Consultant Interview Questions

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“If you have an empty container that can hold three gallons of water and one that holds five gallons of water, how would you measure four gallons of water?”

“If the lights were turned off and you had to reach into a drawer that had 10 white socks and 10 black socks how many would you have to pull out to guarantee that you had a matching pair?”

“How do you get 4 gallons of liquid with only 5 and 3 gallon drums”

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“Estimate the amount of money the US spends on gasoline.”

“Interviewer described a stressful situation in which a big client had a connectivity problem. I was required to describe how I would solve the problem and manage the relationship.”

“What is your favorite Excel function?”

“Please tell us exactly what it is that our software helps people to accomplish and why you feel that we provide a valuable service to our clients.”

“Logic question described in above paragraph”

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