Consultant Interview Questions

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“How much experience do you have with complete ownership of an engagement?”

“How long would it take for you to....?”

“Why do I want to leave my current position. I must sound positive, but it's hard when you don't care for your boss.”

“How to deal with abreactions and the process of age regression.”

“Why do you want to be FTE instead of consultant.”

“ABC Widget company is thinking of entering the XYZ market and they have asked for your opinion on whether or not it is a good idea. What would you advise them and why?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“What is you ideal day at Accenture, what would be your ideal project to work on?”

“during the all-day series of in-person interviews, one will include a market sizing opportunity based on limited financial data from competitors. Others may provide a several year financial history…”

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