Consultant Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given an array of numbers, print out Fiz if the number is divisible by 3, Buzz if divisible by 5 and FizzBuzz if divisible by both. Print the number if it is not divisible by either.”

“I applied as entry level, and the interview questions are not hard. Non technical questions are asked like your background, why consulting, why this company, what is your ideal career path, and so…”

“The real zinger came at the end when they demanded previous compensation information. They said they wouldn't make an offer without it. Not only did they demand it, they demanded previous paycheck…”

“I was not asked any difficult or unexpected questions. I did have to take a drug test which was a little inconvenient; however it's well worth the trouble.”

“Can you come for another interview tomorrow?”

“There were no unexpected questions. The normal challenging ones: what were my weaknesses; what was a challenging situation I encountered and how did I handle it. I had prepared some general responses…”

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