Consulting Analyst Interview Questions

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“Describe a situation where you had very ambiguous direction, but still had to deliver in a set time frame.”

“explain 3 recent changes or improvements that you have made in your personal, social, or educational life”

“Walk me through how you decided to be a consultant and not a high school teacher.”

“What books have you read lately?”

“The first year turnover rate is 96% for new recruits, do you think you will be able to handle the consulting lifestyle?”

“I was asked early on about salary requirements and reasons for leaving my current job etc which I was caught off-guard and expecting to be asked later on.”

“The most difficult question was multipart. How was I successful in what I did before and what were my failures. What (if anything) did I learn anything from either?”

“Have i ever had to do a project independent study or by myself?”

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