Consulting By Degrees Interview Questions

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“Should X company enter Y market?”

“What do you like to do outside of school?”

“Case Interview: A regional economy class car rental company wants to break into the luxury car market. What do you recommend?”

“Your client is a pizza franchise, they just announced a new CEO, how do you recommend to increase profits and out do your competitor?”

“Case: Quantitative and Qualitative questions about a new software and entering the market.”

“What was a time when you and your team didn't get along?”

“How would you deal with a large bureaucratic system?”

“The Case - Wasn't hard but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they are exactly looking for.”

“What are your experiences with other cultures?”

“There was a case study. This was pretty straightforward. I believe mine had something to do with improving performance of a clients website, can't recall the details.”

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