Consulting By Degrees Interview Questions

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“Should X company enter Y market?”

“What do you like to do outside of school?”

“Case Interview: A regional economy class car rental company wants to break into the luxury car market. What do you recommend?”

“Your client is a pizza franchise, they just announced a new CEO, how do you recommend to increase profits and out do your competitor?”

“What was a time when you and your team didn't get along?”

“tell me about a time you did something innovative”

“The Case - Wasn't hard but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they are exactly looking for.”

“Nothing was really that unexpected. All fairly basic, they are mainly looking to get to know you. Look at my description for the types of questions they asked.”

“Nothing really was difficult or unexpected. They know that this position is entry level so they don't expect you to know everything or be an expert.”

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