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“The most difficult part was trying to read the interviewers as it was nearly 5pm at the time of my interview. They were tired and uninterested so keeping them engaged was a challenge. Careful with...”

“A company has two factories. Given x and y data, how you maximize their profits?”

“Should a vacation planning company (like Orbits, etc.) offer their proprietary technology as a tool for customers to use.”

“How do you deal with conflict in a team setting?”

“The first case I received was about a fast food chain (think McDonald's) competing with an established coffee franchise (think Starbucks) and what an effective strategy might be to do this.”

“The second case was about a large research hospital trying to cut costs and the various strategies that they should try.”

“"What is something that you are very proud of, but it is not on your resume?”

“No unexpected/difficult question. We went over a business plan I had previously developed or my statistical skills without technical questions.”

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