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Support Job at IBM

Feb 1, 2010

“There are eight silver coins and one counterfeit coin. that looks like a silver coin but actually weighs slightly less than the others. By using a balance scale to compare coins (or groups of coins…”

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“How do you deal with various personality types?”

“YPhone files a suit against XCell for damages associated with stealing a proprietary technology, how would you evaluate the damages?”

Advisory Staff at EY

Jan 27, 2010

“writing assements”

“If you were project manager and you and your team finished the project under budget, and had to decide what to do with the rest of the money left over, would you:
Divide the money with your team…”

“Write a SQL query that will produce the 10Th largest salary from an Employees table.”

“She actually asked me this particular question twice but phrased it differently the second time.

First time: Let's say that one of your assignments with a client lasted much longer than you…”

“Estimate size of vehicles fleet in a large city”

“What was the hardest decision you had to make while dealing with a very angry customer?”

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