Contact Representative Interview Questions

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“1. You are at work and experience a difficult to handle customer on the phone, one who calls you some ugly names, what would you do?
2. You see an employee stealing confidential information about…”

“Can you give me an example of a time you were asked by a manager to do something outside of your job description, and how did you handle it?”

“If you were going to a concernt to hear your favorite group somewhere far, and its during work schedule, you would you go to the concert or show up for work?”

“Questions on how you would handle an irate person coming into a local office because he/she has not received their social security check for the month on check day. What questions would you…”

“How do you manage your time. Not difficult, but to me it was unexpected.”

“All questions were fairly straight forward.”

“Typical behavioral questions, nothing unexpected.”

“Describe a specific time you over came adversity ( those types of questions).”

“Do you feel documentation is important and why? Describe a specific time when proper documentation helped you in your previous work history.”

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