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“Explain SAAS and the "cloud" to me.”

“We don't really have any questions for you, is there anything more you'd like to ask us? (at panel interview)”

“Memorize this speech and stand up and give it to an audience.”

“What would your current/former supervisor say is your greatest weakness?”

“You've had three jobs in fifteen years. Why have you moved around so much? (Bloombergers are lifers and seldom go anywhere else).”

“What is content strategy. Honestly. I came from a content background and had done research into content strategy, but the hard and fast definition of content strategy still eludes me.”

“What do you fear most about venturing into a territory you aren't familiar with?”

“Can you provide me with your salary history?”

“Do you have any questions about the position?”

“Give an example of how you used measurement to change a strategy, and include the numerical results you saw.”

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