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“Salary history of last (3) jobs.”

“What is the software purchase lifecycle?”

“Please explain a situation in which you had a conflict with a manager. Describe the circumstances, what you did, the outcome, and whether you were pleased with the results.”

“As stated, they didn't really ask questions. They explained the role and wanted me to ask my questions. I asked about company culture, who I'd be working with, potential for the position to expand...”

“How do you deal with competing priorities?”

“Honestly, this interview didn't have many unexpected questions. One that caught me a little off guard was "Which do you believe is a better programming language? C# or Java?". I was asked this...”

“If you could do anything with your life, realistic or not, job-related or not, what would you do?”

“I wouldn't say there were any difficult questions. The questions were easy for me to answer. The questions were like: "Describe for me the process you follow to develop a course." Or, "Tell me...”

“What is your favorite subject in college?”

“When they asked us to "reapply" for our position, before laying off around 6 employees, they asked me about the process of application submissions, and completing a template in a standing in line...”

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