Contractor Interview Questions

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“How many Barbers are there in Chicago ?”

“Would you say you're more a mainframe support person or a web developer?”

“The questions were typical of most interviews: "Please provide an example of a situation where you exceeded expectations with a customer at your workplace?" "What are your three greatest strengths…”

“Everything was very straightforward, no b.s. - at least not with H.R. nor my Supervisor; whom I won't name since it will let you know who I was there.”

“Do you have 45,000.00 to buy a truck?”

“Very difficult, thought process questions. Tell me about a time....What would you do if...What do you consider [blank]... Also asked several questions about my previous work experience with…”

“How do you handle difficult people?”

“Do you know anything about medical compounding and what makes you think you are suited for this job? How will you go about making your sales?”

“Negotiating salaries and ability to perform.”

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