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“The coding test was difficult. They give very little time and you need to produce the correct output. This is to see how you perform under pressure.”

“The interviewer asked something like if I had a particularly bad experience with a co worker at a previous job and how I handled it.”

“Are you familiar with Sub-Zero & Wolf?”

“What are the differences between pass by value and pass by reference.”

“Mention and explain the steps of lean six sigma”

“Case scenario: They hand you a roll of plastic film with defects marked in it and ask you how you would trouble shoot the situation.”

“This job will give you exposure to the majority of process units in the refinery because you will be working on environmental projects that involve the compliance of the entire refinery. In addition...”

IT Coop at CAE

Mar 7, 2013

“Review this code sample, what does it do?”

“Tell me about yourself”

“Explain what other hands on experience or technical knowledge do you have.”

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