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“Explain what other hands on experience or technical knowledge do you have.”

“Why do you want to work at Gulfstream?”

Coop Engineer at AMD

May 24, 2012

“How can you make a processor faster?”

“Explain one of your biggest failures and how did you overcome it?”

Coop at Roper Corp

Mar 18, 2010

“They wanted to know what i did in my school, my projects and how i handled the,”

“What is a state machine? What's the applications for it?”

“What is setup time and hold time? What's the consequences of setup time and hold time violations?”

“You have 6 marbles of equal weight, except for one which is lighter. Using a balance scale, what is the minimum number of weighs you must use to determine which marble is the lightest.”

“The interview was more about my resumes experiences so, no difficult questions.”

“How much do you think this building weighs?”

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