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“Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.”

“Are you actually interested in this job?”

Copywriter at Merkle

Dec 14, 2012

“Even if you're submitted by an agency or a recruiter, have an answer for the question "Why Merkle?"”

“Skills Assessment was emailed post-interview and was a decent amount of work. Writing an example Press Release, an example schedule for a situation with a client, website copy, and”

“What can you say to convince me that you have what it takes to be a marketing copywriter?”

“Tell me about a time you screwed up.”

“A question that made me question them a bit was would I have trouble writing copy for a brand for babies. I looked at this woman for a moment thinking she is serious, she staring back with a glazed…”

“Generic interview questions or "so where do you live" and "are you willing to commute here - have reliable transportation?"”

“Tell me about a time or situation where you had to deal with an unpleasant co-worker?”

“Asked about my experience with their types of clients.”

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