Corporate Analyst Development Program Interview Questions

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“What are some products that our firm offers?”

“Tell me something about yourself that does not appear on your resume.
Where do you get your financial news and tell me about a recent article you read.
What is risk? Give an example of risk. Talk…”

“"You have two items, one is twice as expensive as the other, and the total cost is $15.00. How much is each?"

Given with no warning in the middle of a behavioral interview. Not difficult but…”

“Why would you be beneficial to J.P. Morgan”

“What do you know about J.P. Morgan? What are our businesses?
What is your work ethic like?”

“What are some regulations J.P. Morgan may face in the financial industry?”

“Do you prefer to work in individually or in a team setting?”

“The group activity was the most difficult part. It really isn't about the answer. It's about showing a little leadership and being open to other's ideas.”

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