Corporate Associate Interview Questions

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“In the initial interview, they asked why I wanted to work for NYSE when my degree had nothing to do with finance (I was working towards a Masters in Public Administration)”

“Did you rely on PR for stories as a journalist?”

“Estimate the profit margins of our Printing and Server business. Why are there differences? How can we improve profitability?”

“Walk me through a P&L. How do you get from EBIT to Cash Flow?”

“EBay has been very successful. What if the medical profession were to adopt the same model?”

“What is your connection to Philadelphia?”

“2 eggs and a building problem. A building has height n and you have 2 eggs. At a certain floor N, an egg dropped from this floor will break. Find a strategy to find the floor N at which eggs will...”

“Given a list and bucket size, write an algorithm which returns a list of lists each of which contains [bucket size] number of items. It's not guaranteed that the bucket size will evenly divide into...”

“Implement list comprehension in Python. (Assume they are simple ones-nothing fancy)”

“Implement a deadlock in any programming language.”

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