Corporate Communication Interview Questions

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“The interview with the so-called CMO began awkwardly and without any pleasantries, its was almost as if he didn't want to do it. When I asked simple questions about their technology plans, his…”

“Do you have your own social media platforms? Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.”

“Did you rely on PR for stories as a journalist?”

“One of my interviews in 1997 consisted of an hour long questions/discussions on Forecasting techniques, Operations Research, and Statistics.”

“I asked if the Vice President thought that I was a good fit for the job.”

“What do you know about our company?”

“How do you handle difficult personalities?”

“All ver standard canned questions, Focus on innovation and what new ideas would I bring to table”

“What is your opinion of including social media in the overall communications process?”

“What publications do you think would be most important to Live Nation outreach?”

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