Corporate Recruiter Interview Questions

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“Can you define Cross functional for me?”

“I was asked what my future career goals were. I like that they were thinking of me long term; how I could grow and move up within the company.”

“Ways to source candidates without using job boards.”

“"What is your current skin care routine?"”

“I was asked if I was "motivated by money?" in my interview and at first I wasn't sure how to respond. I didn't want to say "Of course. Aren't we all?!" But I also didn't want to lie and say I wasn't…”

“What can you do to make this Company as successful as it can be?”

“What do you know about our company?

Why are you interested in working here?”

“Describe a time when you had to work with a difficult, rude or uphappy customer. What do you do in those cases.”

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“Inside Sales Skills”

“What don't you want to do again in your career?”

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