Corporate Role Interview Questions

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“Experience based questions - tell me about a time when..”

“What are your strengths”

“There were some behavioral questions ("Tell me about a time..."), but there were no brainbuster or riddles to be solved. I've heard the engineers get to make a presentation in their interview.”

“tell me about a time that you had to manage mutliple projects. give me a specific example, what you did, and the end result.”

“Standard role-related questions and skills/behavioral tests.”

“I was given scenarios based on real issues the team had encountered, and asked how I would handle it with additional probing questions. I thought the scenarios were excellent questions, and they were...”

“how to slice a cake into 8 pieces with 3 cuts and how many phone books to deliver in NY”

“They tend to ask a lot of behavioral based questions. They are looking for an overall fit within the company. Someone that can work collaboratively. That is the biggest thing they are looking for.”

“What would you improve in our department and how?”

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