Corporate Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“Can you sell more smaller deals in shorter time frame”

“Why do you want to work for this company? What are your greatest assets?”

“Why sales? Why Acquity Group? They will ask you to make a PP presentation. Easy if you practice.”

“I didn't get asked any unexpected questions and felt that they were more interested in getting to know me and how I would perform on the job.”

“What do you want to know? What size companies have you sold to? How many sales do you make in a year? Do you use Salesforce?”

“Had to give a mock sales presentation to the VP of Sales and the Hiring Manager.”

“I hate to steal Rob's (CEO) thunder but his interview will test the curiosity and ability of the candidate to ask in depth questions. This interview will likely be toward the end of the process so…”

“As long as you have good answers as to why you want to be in sales, you are golden. There are many folks that go in and interview with you but none have really interviewed before. They just go in…”

“There were no questions that caught me off guard or were out of the ordinary.”

“How well do you fit based on the requirements, what is it that you will bring to the table and how soon do you think you could be closing business?”

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