Corps Member Interview Questions

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“During the face to face interview: "How do you describe City Year to your friends and family?"”

“How would you deal with an experience where you were leading the team in a certain activity but had little knowledge in the area or on the issue?”

“What would you do when a child does not cooperate or misbehaves during the program?”

“You're a teacher, and you want to take your students on a field trip, but your principal says no. What do you do and how do you navigate this situation?”

“The interviewers create a scenario and the interviewee is expected to take on the role of a teacher who is bargaining with his/her principal for classroom materials.”

“Have you ever had to work with a boss you didn't get a long with?”

“What has been your longest commitment?”

“Explain how you stay organized”

“How do you stay organized?”

“What is one conflict you had with someone and how did you resolve it?”

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