Correspondent Interview Questions

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“Why are you a Democrat/Republican.”

“I was with my very young children in tote at the interview since I was expecting to be interview. He told me that I could bring my children to work assignment and if anyone had a problem with that…”

“What tourist attraction do you most want to visit while in DC?”

“What is X Senator's position on X and what did they say about it today in the New York Times?”

“What was the year, title, and location of Winston Churchill's speech in which he used the term "Iron Curtain" to describe the Soviet Union's takeover of Central and Eastern European satellite states?”

“be sure you can explain how you are able to explain difficult concepts in lay terms.”

“There was nothing really difficult or unexpected. It was pretty standard”

“There were a lot of questions regarding my past employer's policies on handling errors, absences, tardiness, etc, which I did not know how to answer well since my past employer was a much less formal…”

“Writing samples are often required at the time of the interview. Often, they will provide the candidate with a list of one or two topics currently under debate in the public square (e.g. healthcare…”

“Why do you want to work here is probably the most difficult question they ask because unless you are sadistic you could NOT possibly say you enjoy trying to track down & collect from the poor saps…”

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