Courtesy Associate Interview Questions

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“Tell us about yourself on a professional level?”

“If you saw an employee stealing something, what would you do?”

“Tell us about a time where you had to bend the rules to get something done.”

“How did you best handle conflict in a former job?”

“What is an example of a time where you used the resources given to you to complete an assigned task in the time alloted”

“Describe a time when you were asked to comply to company policy when you didn't agree with the policy.”

“There really were no difficult questions, they were really just repetitive, and in a lower education format.”

“No question on the application was difficult to answer, nor was any question I was asked during both interviews. This was only my second interview ever, and I felt generally comfortable answering…”

“You are asked between 5-10 different questions where the interviewer gives you a situation and you are to answer back with a time when you provided that type of help or handled a similar situation.”

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