Creativity Interview Questions

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“Type will provide you with a case that you must solve. It will normally be an issue or problem they had in the past or a currently working on. They will want to see your thought process. They will…”

“We are looking at several candidates. What makes you unique?”

“What would you change on the Amazon site?”

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“My most difficult question was whether or not I felt more comfortable in Flash or Toon Boom?”

“Since you are such a creative person who often "thinks outside the box"; I am concerned that you will get bored in this position. How do I know that you won't get bored and quit?”

“Explain your creative process.”

“What was the biggest mistake you made in the workplace and how did you fix it?”

“The manager hiring me seemed to be working off a UI job description. He was asking me questions about skills that a graphic designer or digital arts major would have.”

“The second interview was a test: I was given a budget of $1,000 and 7 business days to create an event for the team of 10. Entertain them for three hours at an off-site location. This was to show my…”

“She didn't ask that many question. The only one I remember that I thought she was being vague on was what software programs I had used in the past. It was obviously a "fishing expedition" rather…”

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