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Cree Interviews  /  HQ: Durham, NC

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CREECO Interviews  /  HQ: Quebec

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Greene Resources Interviews  /  HQ: Raleigh, NC

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Cree Interview Questions

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“Can Si be used to make LEDs ?”

“If you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car, how can you determine what the problem is?”

“If an ice cube melts in water, does the water level rise or fall? Explain with details.”

“Estimate the number of flat tyres in the US in a year?”

“If a glass of water is half full and you put ice in it, when ice melts, the water level will increase of decrease or remain constant? Give scientific reason.”

“How many barbers to cut men's hair in a city of 2 million people?”

“Difference between turbo and cryo vacuum pump?”

“One of the interviewers took a bag of screws out of his pocket and asked me some questions about certain ones like, "what kind of material can this be used for, put these in order according to cost…”

“What is an LED?”

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“If I have two sons whose ages when added together is 20 and when subtracted is 1, what are their ages?”

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