Curriculum Interview Questions

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“Why aren't you employed?”

“Nothing really all that hard. I signed an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) so I can not give specifics. I was well prepared and I also contacted the team member who I had a phone interview with, and...”

“The most disappointing thing about the interview process was that the shallow professionalism the owners of this place demonstrated does not at all reflect the environment while actually working...”

“what kind of work product have you got with you to show?”

“What qualified me to be an implementation manager since I had never been one before? This question was asked multiple times.”

“There were no overly difficult questions.”

“What previous experience do you think qualifies you for this job.”

“What qualifies you for the position better than the other candidates?”

“"What makes you a good fit for this position?"”

“Do you think you might be able to help out with writing and editing our tax courses?”

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