Custodian Interview Questions

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“How do you clean a bathroom?”

“Some nights are busy and there is an event how do you get everything done?”

“If a co-worker was afraid of heights and needed some light bulbs replaced in his/her area and informed you about his/her fear and asked for your assistance; how would you handle the situation?”

“Explain a difficult work or school situation on which you had to do something you did not agree with.”

“There wasn't too many difficult questions.”

Custodian at IUPUI

Mar 21, 2015

“If you and your team leader had to complete a project of strip and waxing a long hallway of a building and you had to complete your regular tasks for your designated area, which tasks should be done…”

“She ask about my job experience in the Navy”

“What are your goals while working for the City of Houston?”

“They may ask some technical OSHA questions such as "What is the "belt-buckle" rule when climbing a ladder?" For the most part, they ask "What if" questions and "what sets you apart".”

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