Customer Business Development Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time when you worked in a team, but were not a team leader. How did you handle a conflict?”

“Tell me when was the last time you had to learn smth and why?”

“How well do you handle conflict/change/stress?”

“Give an example of a time you had to challenge someone who had authority over you (not exact wording, but more or less the same idea)”

“Talk about a time when you lost something and how you overcame it”

“What's the biggest short term adjustment you've had to make and how did you apply that to a long term adjustment?”

“Tell me about a time when others used you as a resource because of your expertise.”

“Will you be able to handle customers when you are not able to make the ship requirement. This was difficult for me because I managed a company with a 99.8% on time delivery rating and that was not…”

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