Customer Care Professional Interview Questions

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“Name a time when you had to tailor a solution for a customer, because your company's current products and services couldn't help them?”

“Give an example of when your intefrity was compromised, and how you handled it.”

“Explain a time when you took the blame for another employee when it wasn't your fault.”

“Tell me a time when you had a confrontation with a co-worker.”

“All of the questions were pretty standard and straightforward interview questions.”

“The most unexpected question was "If you had a function to attend and your company had a function at the same time and the company's big wigs would be there, which function would you attend?"”

“a; behavioral questions”

“What was a customer complaint I had to deal with and how did I resolve it?”

“how would you handle an irate cust”

“The first was a role play.”

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