Customer Development Interview Questions

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“Give an example of a time you had to challenge someone who had authority over you (not exact wording, but more or less the same idea)”

“None really. The interviews were very conversational.”

“- What is your favorite Unilever brand? Design a marketing campaign for this brand.
- What could you have done better today?”

“Nothing unexpected. Pretty standard questions.”

“The level of difficulty will depend largely on who's doing the interviewing. The quality of questions will depend on who's asking them. They will vary by individual throughout the process. It's not a…”

“Talk about a time when you lost something and how you overcame it”

“Tell us about a time in a job where you didn't know how to handle a particularly difficult situation, how you overcame that struggle, and what you learned from the experience.”

“What do you think the relationship is between marketing and sales?”

“What is a time you had to develop an innovative solution to a problem?”

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