Customer Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“Imagine that Philips can buy any (any industry) troubled company (invest money) and than make suggested improvements to sell for higher price. You are entitled to consult Philips on company and on…”

“What would you do to change a specific product”

“Why did you leave Procter & Gamble?”

“What if you knew who was in the market for a new cell phone and mobile plan? How would you develop a marketing strategy to reach them?”

“Asked about work style, attitudes about deadlines, etc.”

“Asked to size the market for a new product, identify product segments, identify key competitors (at least by type), identify roadblocks, develop hi-level marketing plan, and describe one specific…”

“None were difficult, but I guess "What is the salary range you are looking for," and he made it clear "not your current salary, rather the salary you want."”

“The final step was a one hour presentation to a group of future team members and stakeholders - including some of the same people I previously interviewed with by phone. The initial topic was…”

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