Customer Sales Service Representative Interview Questions

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“What are the top 3 qualities of a successful sales representative?”

“Why do you see yourself as a salesman?”

“Would you be able to lead a sales team.”

“How would you handle a situation in which you have demands from a manager a coworker and a customer all at once?”

“What do you value more customer service or sales?”

“1) Name a time you had an irate customer. What techniques did you use to calm him down and what were the results?

2) Name a time you disagreed with a policy put in place by your supervisor/company…”

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“Name a time when you had an irritable customer. How did you best handle it?”

“"How do you expect to bring value to this company"? (These were the only intelligible words that came out of the interviewers' mouth throughout my entire experience).”

“about what was or is expected of a sales rep.”

“When did you graduate high school?”

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