Customer Sales Service Representative Interview Questions

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“Why are you interested in insurance?”

“What are three things you would like to accomplish in your future?”

“I was asked to sell a #2 pencil to the DM. This is not difficult, but was the most difficult question I was asked. Everything else was the standard, what is your greatest strength, and what is your...”

“Here's a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Read it, touch it, Look at it..and When your ready, Sell it.”

“basic work experience questions. like I said they have no HR or interviewing skills.”

“Describe a time you had to overcome a challenging situation.”

“Tell me a time when you went above and beyond your duties at work.”

“Describe a time you one a award or received a promotion in your last job.”

“Are you currently in school, if so will you pursue a career in the field?”

“Tell me about a time when you did not meet metrics or goals. What did your supervisor do/say. What did you do in response and the final outcome.”

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