Customer Sales Service Representative Interview Questions

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“How would I feel about selling an annuity on a first sit?”

“The owner, Jim Dawson, would you make you jump through hoops to get hired. He makes you think after the second interview you have the job. He says call me at this time and this date. When you do he…”

“Are you comfortable being in a leadership role?
What about your previous experiences make you a qualified leader?”

“Describe a time when you were criticized by your co-worker or a supervisor, what was the situation and how did you resolve it? I said I was never criticized as a matter of fact I was promoted in my…”

“Are you interested in starting your own business?”

“I was asked to read a script, which was easy. The hard part was simulating a sales call. For the simulation I was given a script and told to sell the interviewer on a phone upgrade, which I did by…”

“Basic interview questions, emphasized on sales”

“Describe a situation where you had a customer that was irate. What did you do to calm that customer?”

“Sorry, can not remember specific questions...”

“Depending on the agent there aren't any unexpected questions, besides how long you plan on being with the company. Most agents don't want to hire someone for a seasonal job while school is out.”

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