Customer Service Agent Interview Questions

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“The most unexpected question would possibly be what how would I handle an irate or out of control customer.”

“How would you handle a disgruntled or angry customer?”

“What is your definition of customer service? What would you do to prepare for bad weather conditions at work? Why do you want to work for American Airlines? After you had closed your cash register...”

“they were all easy just basic interview questions”

“When an irate customer insults the company or you? What's your reaction?”

“What job do yuo expect to be doing in 5 years?”

“"Do you have any questions for me?" Seriously.”

“If we contacted your previous employer and asked about the quality of your work there, what would they tell us?”

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“Name a time when you had an irritable customer. How did you best handle it?”

“You have an intoxicated passenger that you will have to deny boarding per Airline Policy. Describe in detail how you will deny boarding to this insistent and irrational passenger.”

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