Customer Service Agent Interview Questions

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“Make up a announcement in your head you can't write it down letting everyone know that a solider was boarding our flight”

“No difficult questions; other than to ask yourself: Do you mind working on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and possibly through bad weather/hurricanes? Do you want to push sales products to make good…”

“explain gaps in employment”

“From my interviewer, How do you feel about reading this 75-100 times a day?”

“Had to take the typing test three times because of a technical glitch in their software.”

“Where do you expect to be in 5 years ( I sure don't HOPE I'll be answering phones for a cable company!)”

“"Have you worked in a call center?"”

“What did I intend to do with the degree that I am pursuing in relation to the job?”

“"Are you willing to work in a BPO (business process outsourcing) environment as a call center agent for a major mobile wireless company?" I did not realize that I would be an indirect agent for…”

“How do you deal with irate, mad and frustrated passengers that won't be able to get on a flight to a vacation destination for a couple days? The company gives them the free flight but will not pay…”

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