Customer Service Associate Interview Questions

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“Favorite cartoon character?”

“Unexpected, What's our company motto?”

“What would be the most aggravating, annoying, or uncomfortable situation? (Choose two)
A)Taking leadership in an emergency situation
b) Doing repetitive tasks
c) Settling other employees…”

“What is you favorite toy?”

“With us being a Customer driven company; explain a situation where you would go out of your way to assist a difficult customer?”

“what is your short term goal?”

“There were no unexpected questions.... the only difficult question, and is with every interview: "Why do you want to work for our company"”

“Have you ever given incorrect informattion to a fellow employee if so how did you correct the situation.”

“How would you handle a difficult customer?”

“A customer throws all the clothes off a counter, then proceeds to sit upon that counter. Its the end of a long work day, you are tired and want to get home. what do you do?”

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