Customer service Interview Questions

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“A long time customer of yours wants to close out her accounts. What do you do?”

“Name a time when you were able to provide exceptional customer service and what was the result?”

“Nothing really difficult, a great way to start a job as a intern, part time to supplement income, a blessing to get paid weekly :)”

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“How important is honesty?”

Concierge at Apple

Apr 6, 2009
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“What would you do if, on a product release day, 5 people were yelling at you, and trying to get your attention, all at once?”

“How did you resolve an almost impossible customer and what was the outcome?”

“The question that seems to catch everyone off guard is "Tell me about yourself. Who are YOU?"”

“Since i had always worked alone before, the only difficult question was : Can you mention one situation in which you worked as part of a team to overcome a problem?”

“We have to bring out 4 pairs of shoes plus the hot item of the month, which 3 pair in addition to a basic pump would you bring if she's looking for something for work? (minus the hot item)”

“What would you do if there is a long line of people at lunch time and customers begin to leave because of the long wait?”

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